Welcome to the Smart Waste Evolution

As a community, we need to rethink how we treat the waste we all produce. Where once it was common to dump anything and everything into the landfill, now we can see the long-term cost, both environmentally and financially, of just throwing things away. Communities everywhere looked for a smarter way to approach the volume and types of waste being put into the ground. Through many rounds of community consultation working towards a common goal, we have made great progress in our region. But now is the time to evolve again and step up our efforts!

Illustration with recycling icons

Now is the time for a Smart Waste Evolution.

Sort Smart Cardboard Diversion

Cardboard Diversion

Commercial operators can avoid landfill surcharges by bundling cardboard separately and bringing them to be recycled instead. Local businesses can contract with a local hauler to save time.

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Sort Smart Appliance Recycling

Appliance Recycling

Safely dispose of household appliance like washing machines, refrigerators, and others. Prevent toxic chemicals and metals getting into the landfill by bringing them to the designated transfer stations.

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