Extended Producer Responsibility

Extended Producer Responsibility (commonly referred to as EPR) is an environmental policy approach in which the producer’s responsibility for reducing environmental impact and managing the product is extended across the whole lifecycle of the product, from selection of material and design to its end-of-life.

The provincial Recycling Regulation requires that producers of designated products provide collection and recovery for the end-of-life of these products. In order to fund these programs, the producers charge a fee at the point of sale. As a consumer you will see this as an eco-fee charge on your receipt. This is not a government applied tax. The collection services for EPR products varies from return-to-retailer, private depots, curbside collection and drop off at regional district solid waste facilities.

EPR Programs

The Regional District has partnered with several EPR programs and offers the collection of major appliances, used oil, household batteries, and tires.

Pile of used, old electronics ready for recycling