Backyard Composting

The Regional District encourages and supports backyard composting as a cost effective and efficient waste reduction option. Home composting provides residents with the opportunity to process the organic materials they produce. Each home composter unit has the potential to divert 200 – 300 kg of organic material from regional landfills annually.

There are two important benefits:

  • Finished compost is produced by the active composter at home, without the need for curbside collection or delivery of materials to a centralized compost facility.
  • Reduce your garbage output by up to 30%. This is a significant volume of organic material that is diverted from landfill.

Purchase a Backyard Composter

Earth Machine Backyard Composters are an $80 value now only $50.00 taxes included. Available while supplies last from the Regional District office at 155 George St. Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or from REAPS. Click here more details.

REAPS offers free workshops on backyard composting, as well as do home visits to help answer specific questions about your composting effort.   

Wingdigger – compost aerator

This handy tool allows you to mix and aerate your compost bin with very little effort.

As the name suggests, this tool has wings that fold flat when pushed into the compost, but unfold when it is pulled out again, providing a lifting and stirring action. The resultant mixing in of air and exposure of material to the surface assists oxidation, speeds decomposition, and helps to eliminate odors caused by anaerobic micro-organisms.