Commercial Cardboard Diversion Program

Cardboard is one of the easiest materials to recycle, and one of the most common items used in commercial operations. 

The commercial sector is the largest contributor to the amount of waste generated in the region, almost 60%, and represents the greatest potential for successful diversion.  

Piles of used cardboard at the dump

Businesses who produce large amounts of cardboard should contact a local hauler to determine what cardboard recycling service is right for them. 

Small loads of cardboard could be recycled at some local landfill sites or recycling centres. Click to view a pdf Map (opens in a new window).

The Commercial Cardboard Diversion Program encourages the minimization of cardboard being deposited into landfill by levying a surcharge on the landfill user fees.  Any commercial load of waste that contains more than 5% cardboard will be subject to a surcharge under the Municipal Solid Waste Tipping Fee and Site Regulation Bylaw No. 3166, Amendment 3187, 2020. Removing this recyclable item from the waste stream will save valuable landfill space, energy, and resources.

All loads of cardboard must be clean of contaminants. This includes styrofoam packaging, plastic, and metal. Cardboard should be folded to make as much space as possible in each bin. 

For more information, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George at 250-960-4433 or email

Piles of used cardboard in its appropriate bin


Blue Jewel Recycling Services: 250-960-8531

Blue Bin Recycling and Disposal: 250-563-2273

Cascades Recovery Inc.: 250-563-0233

Waste Management: 250-962-0369

West Bin: 250-563-2467