Seasonal Tips

Many holidays have traditions that increase the amount of products we use and consume, and lead to extra waste to be disposed of.  Here are some examples of some common holiday items and how to recycle them.

Valentine’s Day

Greeting cards, metal tins and foil wrap from chocolate bars can be recycled in your container program.  Plastic net bags and candy wrappers should be taken to a depot that takes flexible plastics.

Avoid buying gifts with fabric boxes or wrapping presents in foil gift wrap as those are not recyclable and will have to go into landfill.


Paper Easter egg boxes, egg cartons and boxboard boxes with the plastic window removed can all go in with your paper recycling.  Plastic trays and packaging can go with your container recycling.

Thanksgiving & Halloween

Table decorations like decorative gourds, or pumpkins, cannot be composted at the landfill as they would attract animals and can be composted at home. Candy wrappers should be treated as flexible plastics and taken to the depot. Secondhand clothes are great for costumes and a very sustainable choice.


With so many gifts being given and received, using reusable gift bags and boxes is a great option. At minimum, avoid foil gift wrap as that cannot be recycled, and save ribbons and bows to be reused.  Tissue paper can be recycled with your paper products, along with Christmas cards.  Christmas trees can be chipped. Strings of lights can be recycled at depots that accept lightbulbs and fixtures.

Christmas trees can be dropped off for no charge at a variety of facilities in town:

  • Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill
  • Quinn Street Regional Recycling Depot
  • Vanway Regional Recycling Depot and Transfer Station
  • Mackenzie Regional Transfer Station
  • Valemount Regional Transfer Station

Remember that all facilities will be busier after a holiday. Give plenty of time to dispose of materials.

Use the recycling search feature to help find drop-off locations and recycling options for over 70 materials or products. Visit our Recycling page.